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The September 2021 issue included:
– a 19th century dissecting drawer box.
– the Pipe of Wu Fang.
– the Watch Your Step “Unique Magic” children’s trick.
– a variety of jokes.
– Mickey Mouse and Lewis Davenport.
– optical illusions and optical surprises.

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The magician shows the pipe which has two tassels hanging from it on cords. The cords are apparently joined, because when one tassel is pulled down, the other rises up. The magician then separates the pipe into two pieces. The audience is amazed to see that when the tassel is pulled down on one half of the pipe, the tassel on the other half moves up exactly as if the cord was still joined. The effect is magical and amusing. As always, the entertainment value depends largely on the quality of the patter used. The pipe was made and sold by Burtini Magic. The illustrated description is from a Burtini catalogue.

The magician shows two sticks which have a piece of cord passing through their ends. This is proved by the magician pulling the cord backwards and forwards. Despite the cord being cut by the magician, the cord is still pulled backwards and forwards, apparently restored. The wise ones in the audience believe the cord actually travels down one stick and up the other one. They are amazed when the magician moves the sticks apart and then pulls the cord down on one stick, only to see the cord on the stick in his other hand move up exactly as if the cord was still joined. The effect is magical and amusing. The sticks look like those made by Burtini, from whom Davenports purchased apparatus. A Davenport advertisement for the trick is also illustrated.

The magician scoops up a quantity of confetti from a box, filling the cup, and then allows it to trickle back into the box. He repeats this and then puts the lid on the cup. When the lid is removed the confetti has transformed into whatever the magician wishes, for example sweets or silk handkerchiefs. The design of the cup suggests that it was made by the British dealer Burtini. Once the possession of Cambridge magician Claude Perry.

The magician makes a fire in the pan. When the lid is removed a bird has appeared inside. The dove pan is stamped DEMON. Although sold by Davenports, the dove pans were made by Burtini, a UK magic dealer well known for manufacturing top quality metal work. Davenports later bought Burtini’s business.