This is a clever design. The seal walks forward balancing a rotating ball on its nose. After a short while it drops forward onto the table so that the ball is on the table. The ball continues to rotate and so drives the seal round in circles until the seal rears up again and starts walking. The cycle then repeats. Copyright 2008 is embossed on the plastic body.

Hand painted multiple with lithography, 2008. This was an edition of 35, and this is copy 9. Patrick Hughes pioneered the exploitation of ‘reversperspective’ producing images that appear to follow you around when you walk past them. For more on Patrick Hughes see

Each page is divided into three separate parts, so the animals illustrated become mythical creatures when the third-pages are turned out of order. The words on each third of the page are organised so that they still make sense. This edition first published in Great Britain in 2008 by Frances Lincoln Children’s Books

Purchased by John Davenport from Tim Rowett (Grand Illusions) at the 2008 International Puzzle Party 28 in Prague. When you tilt the card up and down, the letters G – I move across the card from left to right. Presumably this stands for Grand-Illusions.