Although the cover says FROM the Egyptian Hall, implying that this is a touring programme, it is in fact an Egyptian Hall programme. No doubt there were some of these programmes, which had pre-printed full colour covers, left over from the October to December 1886 tour and Maskelyne decided to use them up by printing the Egyptian Hall programme on pages 2 and 3. 10 January 1887 is written on the cover. This is probably correct as the bill is consistent with the 1886 Christmas season.

This is an unusual programme dated 4 November 1887. It is a Private Representation, the purpose of which was to showcase to the press Maskelyne’s new sketch ‘Arcana, or Original Research’. At the conclusion of ‘Arcana’ Herr and Madame Curt Schulz gave a recital in the Withdrawing Room.

At the bottom of page 3 it says that Cleopatra’s Needle will be revived shortly. It was introduced in December 1887, according to Jenness. The bill includes ‘Arcana’ which was first produced on 5 November 1887. So the date of the programme must be around November 1887 to December 1887.

The bill includes Le Cocon which was first presented on 2 May 1887, according to Jenness. It was last shown on 22 October 1887 but Jenness also says that after 1 August 1887, when the Hall reopened, the bill included Verne and Madam Schultz. Since these two acts are not in this programme, it may be that the programme date is between 2 May 1887 and the date in July 1887 when the Hall closed for a holiday.