The spinning top can be used for playing four games. This is a good example of a turn of the century game that exploits electronics and modern design to appeal to children. Copyright 2003 Nextoy LLC. Distributed under licence from itoy Inc.

The clown’s head and body contain a ball bearing. The figure will tumble down a slope if it is at a suitable angle. The figure is made from cloth and cardboard.

The wheel is made to revolve by pushing in a plunger between thumb and fingers against a spring. As the wheel revolves flints produce sparks which are visible through the coloured filters and the gaps in the wheel.

The bird is very well made and it has a sample label around one leg with 727 written in pencil on it. The ‘7s’ are written in the continental style with a horizontal line half way up. Although there is no other identification on it, it could well be made by Schuco in Germany.

This ladybird is a push along friction toy with a flywheel inside. When speeded up it will run forward. In addition, it behaves like a top. When speeded up and turned over, it will spin on the hump on the middle of its back. From Winfried Kögler GmbH, Germany. The item came into the collection as part of the Grand Illusions ( Christmas Pack 2018/2019.