Changing colour LEDs light up the fish when it is activated by contact with water. Supplied by

This is a reproduction of a Victorian Sand Toy. The clown performs acrobatic feats, powered by a mill turned by hand. Tobar Limited, Norfolk, England.

This well known toy consists of six blocks of wood taped together in a special way. The instructions on the packaging explain how to have fun and watch a block apparently flip from the top of the ladder all the way down to the bottom. Made by John Millman, Great Britain.

This is unusual. To power up the rat you pull a thread which comes out of the back of the rat. This winds up a rubber band inside the body. When the thread is released the rubber band drives a roller which takes the rat forward.

When the lid is hinged open, a spring loaded figure pops up. Handmade by Jack in the Box Company, Melton Constable, Norfolk.