Instead of producing a real rabbit, the magician would produce this clockwork rabbit that had a lifelike kicking action. The rabbit contained French newsprint which mentioned dates in the 1940s, so the likely date for the rabbit is mid 20th century.

An empty glass is placed in the can. When it is removed it has magically filled with milk. Complete with instructions.

A member of the audience selects a card. The magician blows up a balloon and places it on the stand. When the balloon bursts the selected card is found inside it.

The magician pours rice into one of the bowls and places the other bowl on top. Magically the rice doubles in quantity and then the bowls fill with water.

This is an old trick, but the following description is copyright 1967 by the Inzani-Henley Magic Company Limited, London. A wooden ball vanishes from the performer’s pocket and appears inside a wooden vase. Now the procedure is reversed, but the ball refuses to vanish from the vase, so after a couple of unsuccessful attempts, the performer hits the ball with a wooden hammer and the ball vanishes instantly only to reappear back in the performer’s pocket.