This is an excellent optical illusion. Hold the wire loosely between your thumb and first fingers, as illustrated. When you move your hands apart, allow the wire to slide through your fingers. The impression that the wire is growing longer and longer is very strong.

This was purchased in Las Vegas. To get the toy to spin, hold it vertically with the Las Vegas flag at the top, while gripping it at the bottom. With your other hand take hold of the small wooden ball at the bottom and move it upwards. When you do this, the glitter material balloons out and rapidly spins round, whilst making a pleasing whirling noise.

As it says in the instructions: ‘Place first finger on right hand into the snout and then reach over with the snout and tickle the girl any place she may be ticklish.’

The instructions tell you to cover a picture with the red Gelatine leaf and the picture will change to answer the question that is printed on the picture. The one illustrated shows some children. When the Gelatine is placed on top, the Giant becomes visible. Printed in Bavaria. D.R.G.M. 316414.

When the ball is placed at the top of the track it rolls down slowly with a stop-go, jerky motion. The effect is quite mysterious. The ball came in the small black pouch.

This particular example is No. 3 of The Film Stars – Intimate Interviews Series of 25. The audio card could be played on a gramophone at 78 rpm. Issued by the Record Cigarette Company, London, England. Manufactured by Dubrico Limited, Slough, England.