Using a mysterious brass tube the magician is apparently able to see through the wooden lid of the box and so divine the position in which three numbered blocks were placed by a spectator.

The wooden bottle contains pillars of different colours. The bottle is shaken to mix them up and the magician is able to divine the colour of the pillar which emerges first when the black stopper is removed.

The magician hangs a glass spirit bell on the end of the wand. The bell can then be made to ring as required. For example, a spectator may choose the number four and the bell will ring four times. An example of a spirit bell that can be used with this wand may be found at Ref. no. N03.

The magician asks a person to set the hand on the clock to an hour and then place the nickel plated cover on top so as to hide the face. The magician takes the watch back and mysteriously reveals the hour to which the watch was set. We have two versions: in one the surround of the watch face is red, in the other it is black.

This is used for a word prediction making use of a pack of cards. The instructions are stamped by the supplier: Charles C Eastman, PO Box 245, Haverhill, Mass., USA. The book includes the words Copyrighted 1935 by Chas. C. Eastman.

The magician makes a prediction. Two dice are dropped into the mouth of the vase and shaken up. When the top is removed, and the audience shown which numbers have come up, the magician’s prediction turns out to be correct.