This talk covers new insights into the private and business lives of Goldston. It is based on a study of the Goldston archives within the Davenport Collection as well as new research undertaken by Fergus. The story is a fascinating one, brought to life with many illustrations. The talk starts by solving the mystery of where Goldston was born.

Unknown artist. This is a design for a stage cloth painted in oils. The intended size is 16 feet 9 inches width by 13 feet in height. Note the famous names of magicians in the design at the left and right hand edges. The artwork is stamped Will Goldston Ltd.

Unknown artist. This is an outline design for a bijou stage at The Magicians’ Club in London. The design in the centre of the proscenium arch is a rough representation of the Magicians’ Club logo of a sphinx lying in front of a stepped pyramid.