This is an electrically powered automaton. A card magically rises out of the pack while the demon waves the long pole around to show that there are no wires holding it in space. The card then descends back to the pack and the cycle repeats. The automaton was not in working order until Cambridge magician and engineer Tony Middleton repaired and upgraded it in 2014-2016. The original age of the automaton is probably mid 20th century. We do not know if the automaton was ever on display at Davenports shop.

The Wilfredian League of Gugnuncs (WLOG) was a children’s club run by the UK’s Daily Mirror newspaper. The badge shows the ears and top of a rabbit’s head. WLOG was founded in 1927 in response to the popularity of the newspaper’s Pip, Squeak and Wilfred comic strip. Pip was a dog, Squeak a penguin and Wilfred a rabbit. Wilfred spoke in baby talk and two of his favourite words were gug and nunc, hence the name of the club. The badge has COLLINS LONDON on the back. Collins was the badge manufacturer.

This electrically driven illusion was made in 2014 by Cambridge magician and engineer Tony Middleton for display at the British Magic Museum. As the spiral rotates it appears to move upwards with the two crystals suspended in space. A commercially available spiral illusion was used.

The space wheel is a perpetually rolling rotor, so long as the battery lasts! Manufactured by Andrews Manufacturing Company, USA. The wheel rolls up and down the rails, drawing energy from a hidden electromagnet every time it passes the centre point. Imported into the UK by downpace ltd, London. Complete with box and instructions.