Painted plaster head which at one time was used as a model for the Davenport Demon Series trademark. A reference number is inscribed at the rear of the black base. The number looks like 772, but may well be 112, in the style commonly used in Germany. The manufacturer is not known.

Advertised as the Demon Second Sight Casket. The bottom of this mahogany and brass box in made of slate. The audience may write with chalk on the base and lock the box. The magician is able to tell the audience what is written. The box may be examined.

The decanter is part of a trick where the magician places two different coloured handkerchiefs in the decanter. The audience chooses one colour and that handkerchief instantaneously vanishes. Probably supplied by the German dealer Conradi Horster.

A complete piquet pack of giant cards with some special additional cards. There is a Davenport advertisement for this product on the back page of the December 1923 ‘Magic Wand’ magazine. The cards were supplied by Davenports in a black card case with a Davenport demon sticker on the inside of it. The cards were made by Frommann and Morian in Darmstadt. For packs sold in the UK the German origin of the cards was sometimes blacked out. A second pack of cards in the collection was retailed by Vampire magic (Max Andrews) in England.