This book enables the magician to predict a word that is chosen at random. The book title is ‘Anthology of Love Poems’, collected by S Wynne Burne. This is the original edition put out by Stanley Collins. For further details see Chapter 26 of the Edwin A Dawes book ‘Stanley Collins: Conjurer, Collector, and Iconoclast’, published by Kaufman and Company in 2002.

This die looks like an early version of the Collins and Bretma die trick. The diagram is from Goldston’s ‘Magicians Annual 1910-1911’. The box was given to Dick Ritson by Stanley Collins. In 1960 Ritson gave it to Harry Carson, who gave it to John Davenport in 1982.

The performer pours loose chain links onto the tray, so that the audience can see that they are separate. The links are then poured into a glass, where they magically transform into a linked chain. A Davenport demon head is painted on the base of the tray.

This is the Square Pig, with its carrying case, that was used at Maskelynes. The magician draws a pig on a slate but uses only straight lines. The audience says that a pig should look round, so on the command of the magician the pig actually turns its head round so that it looks the other way.