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Unusual rebus puzzle advertising Maskelyne and Cooke’s Mysteries at the Portland Hall, Southsea. Commencing 25 August 1902

On one side is the rebus and a blank area where the address or name of the recipient can be written. The other side has the show details on it, as well as the answer to the rebus. This means that the card can be folded in half and glued around the perforated edges, prior to posting, so that the recipient can only see the rebus and their own name. To open the card they have to tear off the edge at the perforations, so revealing the details of the show and the answer to the rebus. Have a go at solving the rebus before you click on View Details.

Item Details

Size Double sided card, 140 x 180mm.
Date Commencing 25 August 1902.
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Acts M. Gintaro; the sketch 'The Artist's Dream'; Mr. David Devant; Mr. G.A. Melverne with Liliputian Living Marionettes; the sketch 'The Honeysuckle and the Bee'; Animated Photographs.
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Ref no N2597 Ep.MiscM24 P1312