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The Fakir of Oolu and the Star of Bermuda at the Egyptian Hall, Easter 1873

This programme for the Fakir of Oolu was for Easter Week commencing 14 April 1873. Although not mentioned on the front page, page 3 tells us that in addition to the Fakir’s astounding entertainment, the Star of Bermuda is also engaged. No other name is given, but we are told that this is positively his first and only appearance in London. It is tempting to believe that this is a fictitious name designed to hide the identity of various performers.

There is a handwritten note on page 3 of the programme that tells us that: There were three professor[s] of Legerdemain assisted [sic] in this Entertainment during this week, viz
a Mr Alexander, a Foreigner.
Mr Mathews, Second Sight.
Mr Brougham, Legerdemain.

Item Details

Size 4 pages, 150 x 245mm.
Date Easter Week commencing 14 April 1873
People , , ,
Acts Fakir of Oolu; Star of Bermuda
Ref no N3042 Pr.EH157