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Programme for the Sixteenth Concert of the Army and Navy Musical Dramatic Club. Town Hall, Westminster. 30 April 1894

The cover describes this as ‘Programme and Words of the sixteenth concert’. It is likely that the missing pages 3 to 6 contained the words. The programme includes David Devant, and Mr. R.A. Roberts, with chapography and facial caricatures, as well as ‘Society at Shrimpot Sands’. Some excellent images of Devant and Roberts appear on page 8.

Item Details

Size Four pages of an eight page programme, each 270 X 210mm. Pages 3 to 6 are missing.
Date 30 April 1894
People , , , , , , ,
Acts The choir; Miss Ella Thomson; Mr. W.P. Richards; Mr. Furness Peters; Miss Elsie Mackenzie; Mr. Alfred Kenningham; Mr. R.A. Roberts; Mr. E. Barlow; Mr. James Dunn.
Ref no N2620 Pr.Other26