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Novelty give away advertisement for Devant’s Entertainment at the Masonic Hall, Birmingham. Commencing 27 February 1899

This advertisement can be folded to show The Box Trick in action. The words explain: ‘The performer enters the box which he completely fills so that no part can collapse inwards. It is then locked, enveloped in a sack, corded and sealed thus preventing any section giving outwards. Yet in a few seconds the gentleman escapes without disturbing a single knot, leaving the box perfectly empty.’ The year is not stated, but we know from other publicity that the year is 1899. The same novelty design was used by Maskelyne and Cooke’s Mysteries when they were performing in Dublin in 1901 (item N2592).

Item Details

Size Maximum dimensions when unfolded 175 x 140mm.
Date Commencing 27 February 1899.
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Acts Mr. Booth; Animated Photos; Miss Evelyn Hope; Hyam Long; Zauberwunder; Mr H Verne; The Rainbow Sylph, Box Trick
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