Maskelyne and Cooke programme for the Egyptian Hall, 19th consecutive year

Maskelyne and Cooke’s nineteenth consecutive year at the Egyptian Hall was 1891-1892.The programme includes the details of both the afternoon and evening performances. Mr. Charles Morritt is on the bill.


Size 4 pages, 130 x 205mm.
Date 19th consecutive year, 1891-1892.
People ,
Acts Juggling by Mr. Maskelyne; Mr. and Miss Morritt; Mr. Charles Morritt; Mechanical and Automatic Orchestra; the sketch 'The Bloomsbury Proper-ganders of Spiritualism'; the sketch 'Elixir Vitæ'; the sketch 'Mrs. Daffodil Downy's Light and Dark Seance'.
Ref no N2019 Pr.EH87