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Maskelyne and Cooke, Egyptian Hall, London

The bill includes Le Cocon which was first presented on 2 May 1887, according to Jenness. It was last shown on 22 October 1887 but Jenness also says that after 1 August 1887, when the Hall reopened, the bill included Verne and Madam Schultz. Since these two acts are not in this programme, it may be that the programme date is between 2 May 1887 and the date in July 1887 when the Hall closed for a holiday. This programme is shown courtesy the Paul Kieve Collection.

Item Details

Size 4 pages
Date Likely to be between 2 May 1887 and sometime in July 1887
People , ,
Acts Mr. Charles Mellon; Jugglery by Mr. Maskelyne; Buatier de Kolta; 'Will, the Witch and the Watchmen' sketch; Mechanical and Automatic Orchestra
Ref no N1533 Pr.EH52