Maskelyne and Cooke, Egyptian Hall, London

The advertisement on page 4 includes financial figures for year ending 25 March 1889. According to Jenness, on 5 August 1889 the Hall reopened with Ganthony and Morritt, who are both on this bill. Later, from 21 October 1889, Holden was at the Hall for about a month. Since Holden is not on this bill, the programme date is probably between 5 August 1889 and 21 October 1889.


Size 4 pages, size 130mm x 200mm.
Date Probably between 5 August 1889 and 21 October 1889.
People , ,
Acts Mr. Charles Mellon; Plate Dancing; 'The Bloomsbury Proper-ganders of Spititualism' sketch; Mr. Robert Ganthony; Mechanical and Automatic Orchestra; Mr. Charles Morritt
Ref no N1573 Pr.EH65