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Maskelyne and Cooke, Egyptian Hall, London. 1889

The advertisement on page 4 includes financial figures for year ending 25 March 1889. On 21 October 1889, Holden was at the Hall for about a month, according to Jenness. The date 7 Nov 1889 has been written on page 2 of the programme. The letters ‘H Ev’ are also written on page 2, probably written by Henry Evanion. This date is very probably correct.
J.N. Maskelyne did not appear to be on this bill.

Item Details

Size 4 pages, size 130mm x 205mm.
Date Probably 7 November 1889
People , , ,
Acts Mr. Charles Mellon; Holden; 'The BloomsburyProper-ganders of Spiritualism' sketch; Mr. Robert Ganthony; Mechanical and Automatic Orchestra; Mr. Charles Morritt
Ref no N1574 Pr.EH66