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Lithograph for Mr. Fleming Norton in his entertainment ‘Mr. Perkins’s Pic-nic’

The image shows Mr. Fleming Norton acting the part of Mr. Samuel Spivins in his musical and mimetic entertainment ‘Mr. Perkins’s Pic-nic’. The lithograph is signed Alfred Concanen, a leading lithographer of the Victorian era. We know that Norton performed Mr. Perkins’s Picnic at the Egyptian Hall in 1874. However, this poster has the handwritten date 1869 without a mention of the venue. Fleming Norton also appeared at the Egyptian Hall under the Maskelyne banner in 1886 when he and Charles Bertram took over from Maskelyne and Cooke who went on a provincial tour.

Item Details

Size The poster is 270 x 340mm.
Date Possibly 1869 or 1873
People ,
Acts Mr Fleming Norton
Ref no N1926 S159