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Letter to Lewis Davenport from the Norwood Palace and People’s Palace, dated 17 May 1905

The letter reads: “At inconvenience we have, at your request, taken you out July 3rd. The dates you suggested are not suitable for transfer. Send others. Faithfully yours, Cissie Louie Lawson.” No doubt Ms Lawson was a busy lady, she certainly wasted no time on niceties in replying to Lewis Davenport. Lewis and Julia’s first child, George, was born on 22 April 1905. However, this had nothing to do with the reason for Lewis trying to alter booking dates. Lewis and Julia had landed bookings on the MacNaghten Theatre circuit. This circuit was a so-called Number 2 circuit, one below the Moss and Stoll Theatre circuits which were the Number 1s. These bookings were an important step in the advancement of The Davenports performing career.

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Size Single sided, 210 x 260mm.
Date 17 May 1905
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Acts The Davenports
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