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Film of Ellis Stanyon performing silk magic

This film was taken by the American magician Frank Lane (Frank Caldwell) when he visited Stanyon in London in the late 1930s. Stanyon was a magician and magic dealer, perhaps best known for the magazine Magic which he published from 1900 to 1920, with a break during WWI. Lewis Davenport in his early days as a performer bought items from Stanyon. For example, in the Magic of September 1903 we find: Lewis Davenport writes: – “I was working a return date with Second Sight Act, your method, when the manager said he knew how nearly every Second Sight Show worked, but he said our show fairly staggered him. Result, two more return dates.”

Item Details

Size 16mm, black and white, no sound. 41sec.
Date Late 1930s
People ,
Ref no N3096 Film19