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Chrome canister (possibly for a trick with a canary)

We have one unwrapped and another identical one still wrapped in its original wrapping paper. As at 2012 we do not know the effect, nor who manufactured the canister. Perhaps the printing on the label will be useful to assist with identification of the manufacturer. In 2020 Philip Treece identified the lower roundel on the label as the one used by Carl Quehl, Nürnberg. So this item was presumably made by, or wholesaled through, Carl Quehl. At first sight this canister looks as though it is designed to transform a coin into a canary – a trick which has been around since the 19th century. However, the internal geometry of the canister is different to this trick, although it is likely that a canary was used for the trick in some way.

Item Details

Size Height 115mm
Date First part of 20th century.
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