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Anubis, Lord of the Mummy Wrappings, Automatic Scarab Wrapper automaton

When you turn the handle, Anubis raises the pyramid to display a green scarab beetle, before the pyramid drops back on to it. As you continue to turn the handle, the pyramid is lifted again to reveal the scarab beetle on its back – obviously dead. Anubis replaces the pyramid and, as you turn the handle again, the pyramid is lifted to reveal the beetle wrapped in white bandages. The cycle then repeats. The effect is quite surprising, and all the more interesting because the mechanism which makes it work is fully visible. Purchased new from Cabaret Mechanical Theatre in 1999, the automation was designed by Paul Spooner and made and signed by Matt Smith, the co-owners of the Fourteen Balls Toy Company.

Item Details

Size Height 235mm
Date Purchased new in 1999.
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Ref no N920