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1909 letter to The Davenports concerning possible bookings at L’Etoile Palace, Paris

As far as we know, The Davenports never worked in Paris, or indeed anywhere in France. Nevertheless, this letter makes it clear that the opportunity was explored. This letter from Georges Pasquier, Impresario and Administrateur at the Etoile Palace in Paris, says that the Berthos had recommended The Davenports act. Les Berthos were acrobatic dancers who had become friendly with The Davenports. It is a well written letter, in that Pasquier lists all the benefits of working at the theatre before using a very typical comment from a booker: ‘Please make me also a reduction on your price, as I cannot afford to pay so high a salary’. It may well be that Pasquier and The Davenports failed to agree on a price, but Julia Davenport’s failing health could have been the key factor: she sadly died from tuberculosis on 30 December 1909.

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Size 135 x 220mm
Date 21 May 1909
People ,
Acts Les Berthos; The Davenports
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Ref no N2908 Ep.Dav59