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The June 2021 issue included:
– a card trick with a canary.
– a box for changing a lily into a rose.
– information on Will Goldston (1877-1948).
– John Salisse and the Maskelynes.
– a levitating light bulb.
– a box of Egyptian Hall ephemera.
– Peter Lane’s talk on magicians’ programmes.

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John Salisse’s archive was the result of over 40 years of collecting and research. His interests were the Maskelyne family and their theatres. In this talk Anne dips into the archive, which is now part of The Davenport Collection. Anne focuses on the early days of the Egyptian Hall, where JN Maskelyne’s entertainments first made him a household name in Victorian Britain.

This was a gift to attendees at the John Salisse Luncheon Club on 16 April 2012, held at The Savage Club in London. The meeting celebrated the first ten years of the Club. The club was initiated by John Salisse who wished to create a group of like-minded magicians who had a passion for the history, performance and future of magic as a performing art, meeting at regular intervals from 3 to 4 times a year.