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The February 2019 issue included:
Intermittently on the halls, a talk by Anne Goulden about Lewis Davenport.
The first of 80 British Ring conventions, Cheltenham 1931, a talk by Roy Field.
Noms de Theatre – stage names for magicians, a talk by Paul Freeman.
– a Gustav Fasola poster.
– Frederick Culpitt’s Doll’s House.
– Oswald Williams’ Noah’s Ark illusion.
– Production of a Ford car.
– The Friendship Clock – a gift from Punx to Lewis Davenport.

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The bill includes Lewis Davenport. Programmes of this type have the printer’s date at the bottom right of the front page. Also given is the fact that 2000 were printed. The date when this programme was presented to the public is not given. The pages illustrated are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 8.

Frederick Culpitt opened the doors of the doll’s house and removed some furniture, showing that the doll’s house was now empty. As Culpitt removed the chimney pot, the roof opened and a lady was found inside, his wife Jan Glenrose. The performance photograph is from a Maskelyne programme.