The magician makes a fire in the pan. When the lid is removed a duck or a number of birds have appeared inside. In the opinion of some knowledgeable collectors, the duck pan was made by Bartl in Germany.

The collection contains cine film taken by the family, much of it from the 1930s. The film has been transferred to tape, and more recently converted to an electronic form, in order to preserve the images. During this process some of the more interesting frames have been printed out as photographs. The magician on the top sheet of photographs shown here is Gus Davenport performing in Berlin in 1937. The face of Ottokar Fischer can be seen in one of the photographs lower down in the pile.

The magician shows a nickel plated pole which has a shallow saucer shaped tray on the top. The elaborate lighted lamp is stood upon the tray and the pole raised into the air. Suddenly the lamp vanishes. The apparatus is advertised in Bartl and Willmann catalogues.

The magician magically causes a bird to vanish from the cage on one stand and appear in the cage on the other stand. According to one expert, the cages were made by Bartl or Willmann in Germany.

The magician starts a record on the wind up gramophone resting on the top of this table. A cloth is thrown over the gramophone which is carried forward and it vanishes into the air. This is a dealer item, believed to be manufactured by Bartl in Germany. Cecil Lyle invented the effect of the vanishing gramophone and featured it in his act for many years. This example is not a copy of Cecil Lyle’s gramophone.