Produced by Pollock’s Toyshop, in support of the Wilton’s restoration fund, the diorama card is an illustrated peepshow of Wilton’s in the 1850s. With an illustrated backplate on which to write a message, the card folds down flat and comes with an envelope. Bought from Pollock’s toyshop in Covent Garden in 2016.

A lithophane is a moulded 3D image in very thin translucent porcelain that can be seen clearly only when back lit with a bright light. The design in the base of this cup looks like a Japanese Geisha Girl. Apparently the characters on the base can be translated as ‘Special Make Japan’.

This is a novelty optical card. When folded in half and held up to the light an unexpected image is seen. It came into the collection as part of the Grand Illusions ( Christmas Pack 2018/2019.