When you take the card out of the envelope a metal ring revolves, powered by rubber bands, and makes you jump. Made by Klawvana, England. The company was ran by Jack Klaw, who also traded under Novelties Unlimited.

When you pick up the roll, which has been hollowed out, there is a mouse underneath. When you pick up the mouse a spring loaded banger goes off. German, in its original box. A tag on the mouse has on it #1155/B. The outside of the box has in pencil: Brötchen m/ Knallmaus (Roll with bang mouse).

We have two examples. When the stopper is removed to smell the scent, the liquid dribbles out from the bottom of the bottle. There is a small hole in the bottom of the bottle. On filling the bottle with water it is necessary to hold a finger over the hole. When the stopper is put in place, the water is held in automatically, only to be released when the stopper is removed. Great fun. The tag around the stopper with the number 2350 is the identification number of the sample provided by the unknown supplier. The advertisement is from a Davenports catalogue.

When you hang something on the top sprung hook, the hook drops down and then pops up again, dropping the item on the floor. The words D.R.G.M. Germany are on the back of the hook.

Before a meal, the small rubber bulb is placed underneath the tablecloth, directly below a plate to be used by an unsuspecting diner. All the joker has to do is secretly press the larger bulb on the other end of the rubber tube and the plate will suddenly bounce around, causing much astonishment.