When the book is opened a stream of sparks emerge. There is a key hole on the back of the book so that the clockwork mechanism which creates the sparks can be wound up.

First edition published in 2006 by Di Capua Books, Scholastic. Copyrights 2006: for art Maurice Sendak, for scenario Arthur Yorinks, for paper engineering Matthew Reinhart. Purchased new in 2014.

In the early 2000s the UK government was keen to promote the use of modern ‘smart’ materials. Under the auspices of the Technology Enhancement Programme they produced a pack that consisted of three items. 1. Smart and modern materials sample pack. 2. A book ‘A Fascinating Look at Smart Materials’ produced by the Technology Enhancement Programme (TEP). 3. A book ‘Smart Materials for the 21st Century’ produced by the Institute of Materials, Minerals & Mining, published in 2003. Smart materials often have novel properties, hence their inclusion here.