The magician shows the spectator the cards and asks which one they would like to see behind the glass. The paper is folded up and then, with a little magic, when it is reopened the chosen card is indeed behind the glass.

Davenports definitely sold this trick – see the advertisement illustrated. Although there is no marking on this item it is believed to be the Davenport trick. This is a match box trick which automatically delivers a cigarette into your hand. The collection has two other examples of the same trick with different Swan Vestas labels, see N171 and N1359.

The magician searches for a match, but when the matchbox is opened there are no matches in it. A magic wave and when the box is next opened there are some matches inside. Examination of the lid of the box reveals the initials LD and the Davenport demon head trademark.

The pack was specially commissioned by Davenports to commemorate their Centenary 1898 – 1998. This version of the Davenport demon trademark had been drawn by Ali Bongo. The cards were manufactured by Carta Mundi in Belgium.

The magician shows a threepenny bit lying in the felt lined recess in the wooden block. By passing the second wooden block over the top, the coin mysteriously changes to a farthing. When the wooden block is again passed over, this time the coin changes to a sixpenny piece. Complete with instructions.

These playing cards have been produced by the Worshipful Company of Makers of Playing Cards and designed by Stacey Kelly of Squiddle Ink to commemorate the Covid-19 Pandemic. All profits from their sale will be donated to the Lord Mayor of London’s Charities.

This note could never be confused with a one dollar bill. The Davenport demon trademark is prominently displayed and the number of the note is LD 01898 – the year Lewis Davenport started his magic business.