The magician magically produces coffee from the brass vase. The outer cardboard cover is missing.

The magician shows the nickel plated vase full of coffee beans and the cover is then placed over it. After a magic flourish the cover is removed and the vase is found to be full of hot coffee. The ornamental knob that should adorn the top of the cover is missing. From the style of manufacture the item is probably of German origin, possibly from Bartl.

A nest of four wooden boxes. The magician vanishes a coin and then it is found in the inner of the four boxes. Almost certainly made in Germany.

The magician makes a fire in the pan. When the lid is removed a duck or a number of birds have appeared inside. In the opinion of some knowledgeable collectors, the duck pan was made by Bartl in Germany.

The magician is able to produce a selected picture or card within this previously empty frame. The design of this frame is not like the usual version used by magicians.

The magician challenges the audience to spot the cup under which the cork is hidden. At the finish the magician lifts a cup and produces from underneath it a large cork which fills the cup. The cups are stamped DEMON. Unfortunately the stand which was sold with the trick is missing.

The magician places some coins in a glass which is placed on top of the metal cylinder above the red top of the frame. On command, the coins are seen and heard to drop down the glass ladder which is supported from the top of the frame. They land in a hat placed underneath the ladder and the magician then shows that the glass, which was placed at the top, is now empty. Manufactured by Conradi Horster in Germany and sold by many dealers throughout the world.

A Noah’s Ark is built on a low platform from flat walls and a roof. Despite the ark being obviously empty, the magician opens the roof and produces a huge number of animal caricatures from it. In the days of this illusion the Noah’s Ark was a well known trade mark for Bryant and May’s matches, so to give a magical finish to the illusion, the magician would patter along the lines of: “And what happened to the ark? It was turned into matches by Bryant and May.” At this point the ark would instantaneously transform into a giant box of matches, as in the illustration. The illusion is being performed here by John Davenport with Nikki and Ellen.