The photographs show how the clever design allows this inexpensive ball to expand dramatically in size. Copyright Keycraft 2012. This item appears identical to Ref. no. N1615, but for the fact that for N1615 the copyright year is 2015 and the details on the back of the label differ.

On 9 February 2012 Anne Goulden gave this talk at the British Music Hall study group in London. It follows Lewis Davenport’s performing career from around 1900 to around 1930 and explains how he juggled his time between his magic business, music hall work, and other performances. On the way it provides an overview of the different types of variety entertainment during the period.

Over the years the Davenport family have heard many wonderful stories from their customers. Some concern magic tricks and others jokes or novelties. This story from The Magic Demon, a long time Davenports customer, deserves retelling. It wonderfully captures the anticipation of a good joke in the minds of children and the resulting final laughter. The story was first written up on the Canada’s Magic website.

Join in the fun and read it here on their website.

Wind spinners are very popular with children and usually on sale in large numbers at seaside resorts. They are a great way to turn coastal winds into fun.