Alexander and Annie Fay (not Anna Eva Fay), who were performing in the late 1800s, might be all but forgotten today had it not been for their involvement in the Sunderland Victoria Hall Disaster of 1883. Dean explains the events leading up to this tragedy. However, the talk is about much more than this. Through original research, Dean traces the lives of the Fays and on the way we learn much about the performances of the day and the characters whose paths they cross.

John Salisse’s archive was the result of over 40 years of collecting and research. His interests were the Maskelyne family and their theatres. In this talk Anne dips into the archive, which is now part of The Davenport Collection. Anne focuses on the early days of the Egyptian Hall, where JN Maskelyne’s entertainments first made him a household name in Victorian Britain.

This is a novelty clock that looks as though it is melting off a shelf. Manufactured by Can You Imagine, Chatsworth, CA 91311, USA. Complete with box and instructions, copyright 2010 Can You Imagine. U.S. Patent Number D621,725.

This amazing battery operated automaton is one of four butterfly species which were available in the Butterfly Collection (TM). When the top of the jar is tapped the butterfly flutters around the jar in a very lifelike manner. Made in China for ROOT7, Copyright 2010 ROOT7. The automaton was on sale in the UK through Grand Illusions.