The cigarette box is first shown empty, and when reopened cigarettes have magically appeared. This box has no markings to identify its source. However, another box Ref. no. N146, is stamped ‘GERMANY’.

When the top roller blind is opened to reveal the cigarettes on the top layer, the lower drawer automatically opens forward to reveal the lower level full of cigarettes. The word FOREIGN is stamped on the base. It was probably made in Japan.

When the roll top lid of this box is opened three cigarettes appear from the front of the box. The cigarettes can be taken by guests and when the lid is shut and reopened, three more cigarettes have replaced them. The cigarettes are stored in the box in the inner hopper.

Each time the top of the box is rolled open, a cigarette comes out of the lower draw and is held in place in the dog’s mouth. A store of cigarettes is held within the box.

When the roll top lid is opened a small figure rises up holding a cigarette. Cigarettes are loaded into a compartment which is covered with a second roll top. Each time the figure retracts into the box, it is automatically loaded with the next cigarette ready for the next use.

This box was made in Japan, although the bottom of the box is simply stamped FOREIGN. The box has a sample label on it with the number 1882. This was clearly a sample sent to Davenports, but we do not know from which Japanese supplier it came.