A ball is placed inside a transparent box tied to two cords. The magician magically manages to free the ball. This is number 7 of a series of 12 Mr. Magic tricks put out by Magicmania, Florence. Made in China. Complete with instructions. The trick was purchased at Museo della Magia, Cherasco, Italy. The museum was run by Mago Sales, the stage name of Don Silvio Mantelli. For more information, visit www.magosales.com.

The magician shows a billiard ball and in a series of movements manages to create four billiard balls. By reversing the magic they can all be made to disappear. The balls were said to have been supplied by Davenports.

This is an old trick, but the following description is copyright 1967 by the Inzani-Henley Magic Company Limited, London. A wooden ball vanishes from the performer’s pocket and appears inside a wooden vase. Now the procedure is reversed, but the ball refuses to vanish from the vase, so after a couple of unsuccessful attempts, the performer hits the ball with a wooden hammer and the ball vanishes instantly only to reappear back in the performer’s pocket.

The box enables the magician to vanish and produce a marble at will. The base is stamped ‘Germany’ and the sample number 310 is also pencilled on the base.