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The March 2021 issue included:
Gems from The Magic Circle Collection: Mr Maskelyne’s famous play by Anne Goulden.
Gus Davenport – the man and the magician by John Davenport.
– Roy Field on Magic at the Seaside.
– Honouring Oswald Williams.
– Paul Freeman on Adalbert Frikell.

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This talk covers new insights into the private and business lives of Goldston. It is based on a study of the Goldston archives within the Davenport Collection as well as new research undertaken by Fergus. The story is a fascinating one, brought to life with many illustrations. The talk starts by solving the mystery of where Goldston was born.

Roberta visited Britain as an American teenager in 1931with her parents and sister. Her charm and quality of magic made quite an impact, not least at the first convention of the I.B.M. British Ring in Cheltenham. In Britain she is largely unknown today, and Brian tells the story of how a photograph resulted in a journey of discovery to find out more about this talented young lady. Join Brian on his quest for more information below.

Unknown artist. This is an outline design for a bijou stage at The Magicians’ Club in London. The design in the centre of the proscenium arch is a rough representation of the Magicians’ Club logo of a sphinx lying in front of a stepped pyramid.

The annual dinner took place on 26 January 1930 at the Hotel Victoria, Northumberland Avenue, London. The hand written caption below the photograph incorrectly refers to the Northumberland Hotel. Louis Gautier is standing at the back, just left of centre. There is a brief description of the evening in ‘The Magician Monthly’, February 1930.

This certificate, awarded in 1934, is rather unusual in that the descriptive text refers to a magician worthy of becoming a member, rather than a club such as The Magicians’ Club. I am grateful to Tom Ewing, the national historian for the S.A.M. for searching their records in 2020 to confirm the signatories names as W.H. McCaffrey (president) and Royal Vilas (secretary). Tom’s search did not reveal any other organisation that had been awarded membership of the S.A.M.

This is Elcock’s original artwork for page 188 of the November 1913 issue of ‘The Magician Monthly’. The sketches are from the Magicians’ Club entertainment on 9 November. Elcock’s sketches cover Mr Chas Morritt; Mr David Devant; Chris Van Bern; Eugene Devôt; Lerano; Mr George; Chas Mansfield; Capt Kettle; Mr Ernest Sewell; Mr Collins; Chas H. Vernon; Hewson Brown; Mr Swingler; Claude Chandler. Mysteriously, there is also a sketch of Archibald the Pigeon. The evening is written up on page 185 of the same issue, also illustrated here.

This is an 8 page booklet, 6 pages of which are reproduced here. The Magicians’ Club was founded by Will Goldston in London in 1911. At the time the rules were printed, the headquarters of The Magicians’ Club were at the Palace Hotel, Bloomsbury Street, London, W.C.1. The President was Louis Gautier.