This small pig waggles its ears, nose and tail. But how? The instructions suggest you keep the secret as to how it works. However, all you need do is View Details for this item and all will be revealed. Made by the Samson Novelty Co. Ltd, London.

The mystery is how does the pig wiggle its ears and its tail? The instructions provide the rather cruel secret: ‘Pull out the tail and insert a lively fly or any other small insect. Put in several if you want more action.’ As new condition. The instructions are inside the box. Produced in England by the Samson Novelty Co Ltd, 246-7 Tottenham Court Road, London, W1.

When a penny is placed in the slot, the rope rises up in the air and a small boy climbs up the rope, before vanishing at the top. It operates on the principle of Pepper’s Ghost. This machine, part of the Davenport Collection, was in extremely poor condition. It was renovated by engineer and magician Tony Middleton of Cambridge, with help from John Davenport and other friends in 2015. The body of the cabinet has a label saying Samson Novelty Co Ltd, London. They were manufacturers of coin operated machines. Tony Middleton is on the right of the photograph and Roy Davenport on the left.

The six metal saucer shaped discs have to be interlocked to create a dice that will withstand normal handling. The advertising window card comes from a Davenport storeroom. The advertisement is from Davenport’s house magazine ‘The Demon Telegraph’, No. 118, April 1949. The puzzle came with very helpful instructions, although considerable dexterity is needed to complete the dice. The address of Samson is given as 246 Tottenham Court Road, London.