These are two very strong magnets. One dramatic trick you can do is as follows. Separate the two magnets in your hand by about 25mm (holding them firmly otherwise they will just lock together) and then throw them in the air together. Initially they will rattle in the air before they join together. The rattling sound is amazing – something like a demented cicada. At one time these were advertised on

The Hyperscope is a viewing device that uses a system of mirrors to increase the apparent distance between your eyes, so that they see as if they were further apart. This allows you to see the world in a different way, more exciting and with more depth. This one was purchased in kit form from Grand Illusions Ltd in 2015. Design and concept by Terry Pope

This is a well made wooden example of a well known optical illusion. The wooden construction allows for the two wooden table tops to be interchanged. The table tops are in fact of an identical shape and size. This looks impossible, but swapping them over proves that the table tops are indeed identical, although your brain finds it impossible to believe this. Purchased from Grand Illusions Ltd in 2010.

When the wire is cold, you can bend it into any shape you like. When you then heat the wire above about 40 degrees Celsius, for example in fairly hot water, the wire will spring back into the position that has been set in its memory, so spelling the word HOT. To repeat the trick, just put the wire in cold water, or hold it under a cold running tap, and you can then bend it into whatever shape you wish. John Davenport bought this from Grand Illusions Ltd ( in 2008.

This was a gift from Tim Rowett to John Davenport and other attendees at James Dalgety’s puzzle party on 9 June 2001. The idea is to spin the two ball bearings (which are welded together) on a flat surface, and then speed up the spinning rate by blowing on them using the pipe. The balls can be accelerated to an incredibly high rotational speed. The Hurricane Balls were sold by Grand Illusions with LED torches to create amazing illumination patterns.

An excellent illusion. One pack of cards appears to be heavier than three packs. Purchased by John Davenport from Grand Illusions in 2015.

This pad creates an amazing optical effect. The inside lid of the case which contains the pad has 1,280 micro-mirrors in a 32 x 40 array. The mirrors are at different angles and they interact with the colours on the pages to produce different images. Purchased by John Davenport from Grand Illusions in 2015.

Purchased by John Davenport from Tim Rowett (Grand Illusions) at the 2008 International Puzzle Party 28 in Prague. When you tilt the card up and down, the letters G – I move across the card from left to right. Presumably this stands for Grand-Illusions.