Davenports supplied Gamages department store with magic sets under the name Gamagic. This business probably started in the late 1920s or early 1930s. Note the name Demon on the top of the instructions on the inside of the lid.

This magic set was another one supplied by Davenports to Gamages. The inside lid uses the Maskelyne’s name, so the date of the box is certainly later than 1935. Judging from its construction it is probably post-war. The box was found in a Davenport storeroom , but with no contents.

These boxes were produced by Davenports. The label on the lid uses the Maskelyne’s Mysteries name, owned by Davenports following their purchase of the Maskelyne business assets in 1935. The box style which has gold rimmed partitions suggests that it was an early box, probably pre-war.

The cover shows David Devant in the costume worn by him at the Royal Command Performance at The Palace Theatre, 1 July 1912. The catalogue covers magic and its allied arts, juggling, puzzles, novelties and jokes. This catalogue also contains an order form which is a sheet of paper, folded into 4 pages, all of which are printed.