The photograph cannot do justice to what you see when you view this bookmark. The silver spheres appear three dimensional and the red circle appears to be be below the actual level of the bookmark.

This is a simple but effective noise maker. When the two pieces of metal are squeezed together, the circular depression visible on the underside piece of metal suddenly pops outwards with a loud report. When the pressure is released, the metal returns to its depressed state, emitting another loud pop.

The Levitron top floats by using the lifting power produced by opposing permanent magnets. The top is stabilised in space by the gyroscopic effect produced when you spin it. Getting the top to levitate is not easy: weight and balance are critical and it comes with an assortment of additional weights to fine tune its behaviour.

When you grasp the two beads at the bottom of the string, one in each hand, and pull down on the strings in turn, the two people slowly climb up the string. As soon as the tension in the string is released, the people drop back down. This is a traditional toy that still gives great pleasure.

When you turn the parrot head over tail several times, the perch on which it sits winds up as the parrot rises higher up its supporting strings. When you then let the parrot go, it rolls over and over, dropping all the time on its strings until it gets to the bottom, and then it starts winding up the strings again. Think yoyo and you will understand the movement.