This was a gift given to all attendees of the FISM magic convention in Lausanne, Switzerland in 1991. The novelty is that when a coin is dropped through the slit in the top of the box, it immediately vanishes, although it can still be heard rattling around in the interior which apparently contains no more than a top hat floating in mid-air. This is a well made puzzling illusion. US Patent No. 4967953. Created by Tenyo. Made in Japan.

As you turn the handle, the rider gallops along on a winged horse delivering AMBROSIA U LIKE in his satchel. John Davenport assembled this from flat printed sheets which had to be cut out.

When a coin is placed on the top, the box starts moving and an arm comes out from the box, reaches for the coin and takes it into the box. Stamped on the base is Poynter Products Inc, patent pending, made in Japan. The box has on it Copyright 1964 Filmways TV Productions Inc, although this may apply to the images of the Addams Family. Battery operated.

Viewing stereo photographs was hugely popular just before and just after the turn of the 20th century. These cards were made for an international market, judging from the use of six languages on the reverse of the cards. In total there are 66 photograph pairs relating to Italy. These stereo pairs can be viewed in the Underwood & Underwood stereo viewer, Ref. no. N1101. These were a gift to John and Anne Davenport from Harry Carson (real name Pat Swain) who lived in Norwich.

Made in Italy, this came into the collection in 1987. When turned upside down, a flow of red liquid gradually converts into a series of drops which roll down the spiral to the base. Over the years some of the clear liquid has evaporated and the red liquid no longer forms drops in the way that it should.

Materials: wood, ball bearings, magnets. This was a gift from David Springett. For more information on this type of work see David’s book ‘Woodturning Full Circle’, published in 2008 by Guild of Master Craftsman Publications Ltd, Lewes, England. This was a gift from David Springett to John & Anne Davenport circa 2013. The pieces are joined by magnets.