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The “Red Hot” Ball

This item is complete with instructions from the Magical Department of A.W. Gamage Ltd, Holborn, London. The illustrated Davenports advertisement reads: ‘A heavy brass ball is shown and given to spectator to hold. In a few seconds he is seen passing ball from hand to hand, causing roars of laughter. At last ball gets so hot he is obliged to drop it on the floor!!!’ We are told that the ball is quite simple to use and there is no chance of failure. If performed today, you would almost certainly be in trouble with health and safety legislation, assuming you were able to even buy the required chemicals. Not recommended for the modern performer! Note the fact that the advertisement misleadingly shows a large ball sitting on the magician’s hand. In reality it is 55mm in diameter.

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Size Diameter 55mm.
Date Early 20th century.
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