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The Radio Dice Box

The magician gives a dice and a box for examination requesting that the dice is hidden inside the box with the lid on top. Without opening the box, the magician is mysteriously able to tell the number on the top. Complete with instructions. The red and pink boxes in the Davenport Collection are of slightly different sizes. The Davenports advertisement for this trick, illustrated, includes sketches which give a totally false impression of the size of the box. It looks as though the box is as large as a boy’s hand. John Davenport remembers magician Ken de Courcy telling him how disappointed he was when he bought this trick as a youngster and saw how small it actually was. One of the illustrations here, from ‘The Budget’ of April 1958, allows you to read Ken’s comments in his own words.

Item Details

Size Red box is 22 x 22 x 25mm. Pink box is 22 x 22 x 22mm.
Date First advertised in the Demon Telegraph in 1936.
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