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Six block Jacob’s Ladder traditional toy

This well known toy consists of six blocks of wood taped together in a special way. When the blocks are manipulated in the correct way, a block apparently flips from the top of the ladder all the way down to the bottom. A white label on one of the blocks has on it: AU PRINTEMPS | 100.>> | PARIS. It was presumably purchased at the Parisian department store. The other YA-TA-GO label also refers to Breveté S.G.D.G. This was a French type of patent that ceased to exist in 1968. The name was a common abbreviation for “Breveté Sans Garantie Du Gouvernement“ (patent without government guarantees).

Item Details

Size Each of the six blocks are 90 x 40 x 6mm.
Date Probably pre 1960s.
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