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Programme for W.F. Frame’s 1907 Vaudeville tour of southern Scotland

W.F. Frame, the Man U Know, was a Scottish comedian who took concert parties on tour in Scotland and northern England. Lewis and Julia worked with him for two seasons: a 13-week Lowland tour in 1907 and a 3-week Highland tour in 1908. Julia and Lewis Davenport contributed two acts to the 1907 tour: The Davenports (Magicians and Illusionists) and Doo and Dare (Eccentric Comedy Jugglers). This actual programme was saved by Lewis Davenport. The reverse side of the programme, also illustrated here, shows blue crayon crosses against both of these acts. Lewis often put such crosses against items he wished to highlight.

Item Details

Size Double sided sheet 220 x 290mm.
Date 1907
People , , , , , , ,
Acts W.F. Frame; Miss Lena Wylie; Andrew Brown; Doo and Dare; The Davenports; Clarke and Cambridge; The St. Johns; Jack Chambers; Hand-bell Ringers
Ref no N2909 Pr.Dav8