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Programme for Maskelyne and Cooke Provincial Company, Folkestone 22 August 1904

Maskelyne & Cooke’s Mysteries was at the Town Hall, Folkestone for nine nights and three matinees. The Managing Partner of the Provincial Company was David Devant, who was a major performer in this show. There were also two magical sketches: ‘The Gnome’s Grot’ and ‘Will, the Witch and the Watchman’.

Item Details

Size 4 pages, 215 x 135mm.
Date 22 August 1904
People ,
Acts The sketch 'The Gnome's Grot'; David Devant; the sketch 'Will, the Witch and the Watchman'; accompanied by the Chamounix Singers and Alpine Orchestra.
Ref no N2011 Pr.MiscM4