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Okito’s silk handkerchief and newspaper trick with his personal letter

This is good, visible magic. The magician shows both sides of a newspaper, then rolls it into a tube and pushes a handkerchief in from one end until it comes out at the other end. The audience can see the handkerchief hanging out of both ends of the tube. It is therefore a surprise when the magician cuts the newspaper across the middle, moving the two pieces apart, before placing them back together and pulling out the handkerchief which is unharmed. This fascinating item comes with a letter from Okito to the British magician Paula Baird, who had been performing in North America. Miss Baird had asked Okito how his trick was done. Okito wrote her a very friendly three page letter which included a comprehensive description of how to set up and perform the trick. The start and finish of his letter is illustrated here.

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Date This trick has been made up with a newspaper dated 1950.
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