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Maskelyne and Cooke programme for the Egyptian Hall, 25th consecutive year

25th consecutive year, 1897-1898. The programme includes animated photographs of Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee Procession which was on 22 June 1897. According to the book on the Egyptian Hall by George Jenness, topical scenes from the Procession were shown from 5 July 1897. The earliest date for this programme is therefore 5 July 1897. The programme does not include the sketch ‘Trapped by Magic’ which was first presented on 7 May 1898, so the period of this programme is probably somewhere between July 1897 and May 1898. This is consistent with the hand written date on page 1 of 8 April 1898. The wording of this programme, but not the colour of the paper, is the same as programme Ref. no. N2069.

Item Details

Size 4 pages, 130 x 205mm.
Date 8 April 1898
People ,
Acts Mr. David Devant; Animated Photographs; Mechanical and Automatic Orchestra; Mr Mel B. Spurr; the sketch 'Will, the Witch and the Watchmen'.
Ref no N2070 Pr.EH120